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Juzt-Reboot® Software PRO

Juzt-Reboot® Software PRO is an instant recovery software. It allows computer workstations to start-up fully functional with the desired system configurations. Regardless of what any user may attempt to do to the systems, including erasing files, installing software, downloading programs or deliberately tampering with registry settings, Juzt-Reboot® SW-PRO will reset the PCs to the desired original settings upon restart, making the computers perfectly configured and ready for the next user. Juzt-Reboot® Software PRO can clean up virus or spyware infections with a reboot, restore system when Windows fails to start up, remove unauthorized software installations, rollback failed software deployment, provide a test bed for software testing, reduces PC maintenance by up to 90% & eliminates PC downtime.

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Juzt-Reboot® PCIe(NET)-i8 Card

Juzt-Reboot® PCIe(NET)-i8 Card restores your hard disk drive back to its original configuration in just a matter of seconds. Even if your data was destroyed by a virus or was accidentally deleted, it will restore & recover your system instantly by just restarting your PC. It will also perform a recovery operation to reset to your original PC system settings.

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1) “In the Maintenance Base of Lan Chile Airlines, we have experienced multiple problems with the PCs installed in the Technical Library. Those PCs lose the configuration very often and because of that, users constantly call our Help Desk and Support. Since we installed Juzt-Reboot® Cards in those PCs, the continuing of the services has been really great and the number of calls to the Help Desk has been down to almost “zero".
Robert Petitpas Manager User Services Computer Department LAN CHILE AIRLINES
 2) “Ever since we have implemented the Juzt-Reboot® cards into our client machines, I’ve had a lot more time to work on other important duties. Knowing in the back of my mind that all the machines automatically restore daily to ‘Day 1? is a big relief and has taken much pressure off me both physically and mentally. I’ve even had time to clean the server room and put new business ideas to effect."
Leecom Technologies Pty.Ltd. Sydney, Australia
3) “In our area of our teaching, the requirements meant that students had to have administrator access to the Windows based PCs. With hundreds of students involved this meant obvious maintenance issues with continual repairing of problems and changes introduced by the students. The introduction of the Juzt-Reboot® card meant a known image can be returned very quickly and easily. The number of maintenance issues have been greatly reduced."
University of Technology Sydney

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A simple solution for swiftly recovering hard disks and operating systems and protecting CMOS settings. Easy to use with good support for network environments.

- PC Pro

“An alternative to less-secure software packages, Juzt-Reboot® is an innovative and useful add-on card that would solve many headaches for PC users."

- PC World

“An excellent tool for anyone running a public PC, or those that just want a safety net? “The Juzt-Reboot® card can safely restore your OS, come virus, accidental deletion or deliberate sabotage? “Its basic functions were almost flawless, restoring files and data instantaneously. In User Mode deleting random system files and rebooting returned us to a pristine, undamaged system? “It’s also great as a learning tool? People are a lot more likely to take the risks involved in becoming a confident PC owner if they have something to fall back on."

- PC Authority

“Damage done by viruses, software conflicts and users who like to fiddle is automatically undone when the computer restarts. Juzt-Reboot® offers more comprehensive protection than software solutions and Juzt-Reboot®’s more advanced “Instant Restoration?function allows the fastest recovery time."

- The Sydney Morning Herald

“The Juzt-Reboot® card is ideal for use in environments where standard operating environments are necessary."

- ARNnet

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